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We offer health care services, everyday support and private care

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Quality services provided by experienced professionals.

The care is issued according to prescription by your doctor and reimbursed by your insurance.

Evaluation and advice
Evaluation and advice Your referral nurse assesses your situation and establishes contact with your doctor and your health insurance. A professional, she is always available to give you beneficial advise.
Examinations and treatments
Examinations and treatments Care provided by experienced nurses specializing in home care.
Personal care
Personal care Personal care provided by trained, qualified care assistants.

Home help

Assistance at home which helps you maintain your social and family environment by facilitating your daily life.

At your request we will provide the personalized services that you need.

Home help
Home help We help you with domestic tasks (shopping, cooking, cleaning etc.).
Child minding
Child minding We look after your children (qualified professionals).
Outings We accompany you when you go out.

Private care

A la carte services to meet your needs and desires

Care day and night
Care day and night Your situation requires intensive supervision? We will attend to you, providing relief and reassurance to your loved ones.
Outings or accompanied time away
Outings or accompanied time away We assist you when you need to go out or accompany you on trips and longer stays away from home.
Help and assistance with the activities of everyday life
Help and assistance with the activities of everyday life We assist you in your household and administrative tasks, meals, shopping, physical exercise and accompany you in your leisure time and projects.

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